About my dreams


I am a dreamer. In my early days of childhood I was gripped by a horrible disease of asking questions. I would stare at the things around me and wonder why were they as they are. My parents helped me come out of all sorts of maladies except for this one. Instead they fed my desire to question things. I grew up and became a nuisance for some of my teachers. Seeing that even my teachers won’t help me, I would sit with my problems and think till I would get a theory that satisfied my imagination. This habit of imagining things happening in a sequential manner was termed day dreaming by some of my teachers.

I loved dreaming. I would read stories and imagine them happening before my eyes. I would study science and break things during my experiments. Studying nature was my favourite pass time. I would spend time among woods and orchards attempting to see things happen before my eyes. I grew up and this habit of dreaming grew too until I found that there is a world beyond my imagination and to see that world I should cross the geographical limits of the small village I lived in. I studied about 3000 Km away from my home but the desire to go beyond limits was still insatiable. I used internet to learn things but needed people to see what I dreamt. I wanted people to comment on what I thought.

So, here I am. This is my blog where I knit my thoughts and dreams with the fabric of letters and the yarn of sentences. Some posts are academic in nature while others are just my abstract thoughts inspired from what I see around me. I know that I am not that good at it right now but I even know that I am improving and you all will help me improve.


Always looking forward to hear from you,

Ankur Jamwal.


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