First Kiss video. Why I thought it was cute.

With so much bad happening around us we need something to escape. Something that takes us away from all those negative thoughts and destructive images. A hope that somewhere somebody is happy, if not you. This video on Youtube must have brought smiles to millions of faces as it did to mine.

Here are the reasons why I liked the video

    1. The idea is about love and we all want love to be around us.
    2. They were all strangers. I have been travelling places for last 8 years and have always been taught to not to believe strangers. But, while I have been cheated a few times most of the times people have surprised me with going extra mile to help. In this video almost all kissing pairs felt awkward in the beginning but see the power of love; we all felt that it was nicest thing that happened. I couldn’t find a single kiss in the video that lacked compassion and love. This makes me believe, as I always have, humans inherently want to love and be good.
    3. Video is black and white. I really felt that keeping the video B&W prevented our attention from being diverted from the emotion of love and kiss. Had the video been in colour I might have looking at clothing, colour of the wall, or red lips of the girls being kissed but the colour scheme worked really well.
    4. Idea is simple. Two strangers meet, take their time to accept each other’s presence and kiss. Simple ideas have always had greater impacts on me. Title of the video said ‘First kiss’ and that is what this video was about. Nothing extra nothing less. Plain, simple and straight to heart.
    5. A hope that at least one pair would get married. I shared this video with a friend on Facebook and the first thing she said was that some of them may actually fall in love. I believed that too and so do many people who watched this video and commented. A belief that somebody is happy and has found love is satisfying. We see people suffering around us but knowing somebody found love and peace is so reconciling and satisfying. I really wish some of them found real love in their life.
    6. It was just about people and not about a girl and a boy. There is a gay couple, two girls kissing each other, a young man kissing an older lady. Just about compassion.
    7. They kept it raw. Awkwardness before kissing a complete stranger, participants blushing or the participants trying to hide embarrassment by creating humour kept the video raw and real. As a viewer I felt as if I am right there at the shoot feeling the emotions.
    8. The background song. “We might be dead tomorrow” by Soko sets the perfect mood for the video.


In short: I felt the video was just about something we all seek in life – love.


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