Why men don’t have to fight to ‘win’ a partner?

survival-of-the-fittest-bob-christopherImagine if men had to fight to ‘win’ a partner. Except humans, males of all other species on this earth have to fight to woo a female. While we can literally see animals battling out each other, plants fight in their own subtle and quite manner. If one closely observes the battle to reproduce then plants are much more brutal; producing toxins to kill other life forms in surrounding, sucking up the nutrients from soil so that no other plant can even germinate and use of animals as agents to pollinate (it is almost like animals are sex slaves). Plants, though silent, use almost every possible thing as vehicle to reproduce. But, strategies to reproduce is not what I mean to discuss here, you may find that in any standard biology text book. What I intend to discuss is a weird question in my mind; “What if men had to fight for a female?”. Another way to look at this question is through a statement that any species as intelligent as humans would never have to fight for a female. Huh! don’t think that just because you are married or have a girlfriend makes you intelligent. Intelligence, here is an attribute of the whole species. So, thank Albert Einstein who elevated the intelligence grade of humans. Back to topic. Nature knew the risks involved in humans fighting to ‘win’ a female and hence made things simpler for us (wish it was simpler, it really takes a lot for guys like me to ask a girl out). So, why don’t we fight to ask a girl to hangout with us? Is there a relation between intelligence and fighting to reproduce? While fight was a way nature devised to pass on the best gene pool which in turn ensures that organisms are always prepared to face challenges thrown on them but had the same strategy, fight to prove might, been used by humans there would have been no life on this planet.

Some ancient men made sharp tools to kill, Colt invented pistol, Kalashnikov gave us the most used rifle, some men in a secret US lab used Einstein’s wisdom to develop atom bomb and some prick found out that hydrogen bomb is best. Men know how to kill. So if every man (some barbarians do fight) had to fight to win a female then imagine the extent of bloodshed. Michelangelo, Picasso, Hemingway, Dickens, ancient Indian and Greek philosophers would have invested their time nuking each other than giving us artistic and philosophical master pieces. There would be a man who in desire of having all females would have killed every other Y chromosome producing organism (did you think Hitler?). Mass destruction and as a result obliteration of all life forms. Nature’s strategy to produce the best to survive would have resulted in it’s biggest disappointment. So, trust nature, your best match would be delivered to you when the right time comes. Use your intelligence for more productive works (swear if you didn’t think of reproduction and if you did then nature triumphs again!).

Image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/survival-of-the-fittest-bob-christopher.html

I could not find an image as fitting  and as lovely as this. The photographer retains the copyright.


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