The first rain in Mumbai

I woke up at 1845 Hrs to find cumulous looming over the skies of Mumbai which was scorching the sun hardened earth and heat burnt skins. As I was sipping my evening tea I saw huge gust of wind blowing with it a plume of dust. Then air started to dance and rejoice for what was about to come. The air levitated the dust and played with it; throwing it down, lifting it again, passing it to wind blowing from another direction, rotating it and then suddenly it shot it towards the lawn tennis court in front me. I too could feel from inside what was coming. There was a strange calmness in my breath and coolness in my eyes.

Watching the play of nature with my friend, I was feeling elated and was ready to welcome the heavenly drops of water. The water that would quench the thirst of earth and every organism created by the nature. My friend suddenly smiled and showed me the first drop of rain that had fallen on his cheek and then I too got a gentle drop of water on my palm. We started counting the drops that we felt and the rate of it increased rapidly, we counted until we could keep our minds concentrating over mathematics but then the drops felt so fast that we lost all the things that school taught us and just decided to let our faces feel what nature was blessing us with. We closed our eyes and felt the heaven on our face. This was out of the world.

I knew that everybody was happy. Even the earth was, as I could smell the magical fragrance of earth that it gives off to share the joy of being alive.

When I opened my eyes, it had turned a bit dark. The earth had bathed in the shower of rain. Rain was still continuing but had become more even now and the wind was still dancing and playing with the drops. Wind would push and carry the shower and form vertical bands before it would get tired and fall on earth. I could see even the drops of rain enjoying the play. Bands of shower would suddenly defy gravity and retard their speed of falling on the earth.

Its the first rain and an indication of lovely monsoon that would bring water to India that the clouds collected from the lower part of the Earth, below the equator, over the Indian ocean. Monsoon would not just bring rain but also hope to farmers who worked under the scorching sun giving their sweat to the Earth to feed the civilisation that has no respect for nature and its miracles. Monsoon too would bring joy to the rivers that would be happiest watching water make crazy noise while it would jump and play on its laps.

Nature does not differentiate rich and poor. You love nature or not, it loves you. Joy is spread everywhere and this is ‘The Miracle’.


2 thoughts on “The first rain in Mumbai

  1. Re:You love nature or not, it loves you. Joy is spread everywhere and this is ‘The Miracle’ Well, that is a wonderful sentiment but nature also has her cruel side, which paradoxical helps us to tune into the part you describe.

    1. yes, it has a cruel side and I have seen it with my own eyes. But how many times have we seen it getting angry? I feel nature is lovely and benevolent more than it is infuriated. Being intelligent creations of nature if we respect the supremacy of it then I really feel that we will not suffer much damage from its fury. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your view.

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